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Logo Pens Website - The Home of Promotional Pens

Welcome to the logo pens website, the home of promotional pens and advertising pens designed specifically to maximise exposure for your business at a very cost effective price point. We have a choice of over four hundred models of promotional pens for you to select from, in a huge variety of shape, style and colour, allowing you to find a promotional tool that reflects your business brand or logo to its very best advantage. We are also able to meet your requirements for a more specific target audience, providing such categories as, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and biodegradable advertising pens, to allow you to fine tune your promotional advertising campaign to perfection.

Advertising and Promotional Pens

The business of advertising and promotion is one that any business owner should be well acquainted with. After all, if you don’t take those extra steps to make sure people are aware of your company and the services it offers, how do you expect to gain their business? With the competition growing more and more intense every day, a successful company needs to not only keep up with current advertising trends, it needs to promote its business image in ways that provide more exposure and provide better end results, than that of its competitors.

Advertising Your Business Logo

So why would your business benefit from promotional logo pens? Well, let’s consider standard promotional advertising techniques for a minute. You could promote your company through a variety of ways including printed adverts in various types of media, possibly some flyers delivered in your local area or maybe even an advert on local radio, they all sound plausible so why not choose them instead? Why not advertise your logo in your local paper, which will get thrown out at the end of the day, along with your advert, why not send some promotional flyers through the doors of your local neighbourhood, along with 20 other pieces of spam advertising mail that will go straight in the bin or why not advertise on local radio and reach the ears of potential customers driving in their cars with no pens to hand to write down your details, how many times have you heard something and thought..'I must write that down next time’...but never actually got round to it?!

Which brings me back to the benefits of printed pens, of which there are many compared to regular promotional advertising. You don’t have to worry about your brand or logo vanishing in the bin, no one throws out something as useful as a pen! You have no details to write down as they are printed right in front of you and you don’t annoy your neighbours with a multitude of advertising spam, I don’t know about you but that tends to put me off businesses instead of wanting to make use of them!

Using promotional pens as your choice of advertising media, reaches the places where other advertising really doesn’t reach! After all, how many other forms of marketing result in people carrying around your business logo, in their pocket, because they want to and not because they have to? It’s an opportunity you just can’t afford to miss out on!

Logo Pens

Logo pens may well be the name of our website but of course what you have printed on your choice of promotional pens is entirely up to you. Not only are these advertising pens a great way of spreading your company brand or logo to a wider audience, it can be used to direct a specific message to a specific audience, thereby giving you unlimited choice and options for any future marketing campaign. Another benefit of promotional pens compared to other forms of advertising, is that they aren’t limited to time delayed releases. What I mean by this is that they aren’t subject to the same limitations as say for example, a printed advert in a local newspaper where you are limited to one advert per weekly issue, with a whole week wasted inbetween. You can’t flood the newspaper with hundreds of different promotional adverts for your company - so what can you do? By the time people see your new advert, the old one is long gone - out of sight and out of mind.

Not so with logo pens, they remain with your end user, faithfully carrying your direct targeted promotional message day after day. If you want to run a number of advertising campaigns simultaneously, each targeting a different section of the community, that’s perfectly fine too! With the huge range of styles and designs we offer, there is enough choice and variety of promotional pens to run hundreds of advertising campaigns all at the same time and still keep your promotional business message(s) fresh, new and appealing.

Advertising - The Right Time and Place

One important thing to remember when considering promotional pens for your business is that, they don’t have to be in a specific place at a specific time to spread your corporate logo, unlike the radio advertising we mentioned before. Why pay good money, hoping to reach your perfect target audience and then leave it to chance  whether they actually hear it or not? Of course you also lose out when it comes to recognition value on an everyday basis as well. With an advertising pen in hand, your business logo can be viewed with your choice of style, colours and design - just as you planned it, leaving no room for false interpretations or misconstrued messages.

The Appeal of Advertising Pens

So what is it that makes advertising pens so appealing to people? You would be hard pushed to find a section of the population that would happily walk around wearing or holding your business logo for free, after all, would you do it? Of course not, why should you advertise another person’s business for free?! But that is exactly what they are doing every single time they use your promotional pens, completely happily and without resentment of any kind. Could it be that they are simply useful promotional items that we can never quite get enough of? Is it because they are small and easily transportable, always on hand when needed? Maybe, but that only seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps we are just attracted by something that has all of the above qualities but that is also tactile and attractive, or maybe it’s just our basic human nature kicking in, knowing we have all of the above and didn’t pay a penny for it! Everybody likes to get something for nothing, especially something that is a little bit different from the items we use every day, so a nice fresh logo pen might be just what the doctor ordered!

Promotional Pens Transferability

So what do I mean by transferability?  It’s simple really, consider at you have have just placed an order for the ideal advertising pens for your company, you have an upcoming exhibition and are looking forward to giving them out as free promotional gifts to your visitors. That all sounds great and will certainly prove a wise decision. Something you may not have considered though, is that the unique appeal of promotional pens does tend to spread - literally! Not only will you be reaching the direct audience you hoped for, at your exhibition or event, your message will be spread in places you never even dreamed of, in fact if you could follow your logo pens throughout the journey they make in their lives, I’m sure you’ll be amazed!

Imagine the initial visitor at the exhibition who takes more than one promotional pen - simply because they are free and appealing! With their guilty little secret safe in hand, they then happily proceed to give out your advertising pens to their friends and colleagues after the event, spreading your business logo to a whole new target audience. Another example might be the child who borrows a friends pen at school, then leaves it lying on a desk at home, where their parent picks it up and uses it, seeing your corporate branding at every opportunity and increasing the recognition value of your logo, this is transferability at it’s very best, working for you long after your initial advertising campaign has ended and attracting people in more ways that you could possible imagine.

Promotional Possibilities

At the end of the day, whatever the reasons, advertising pens not only boast a unique appeal, they work for you and your business in ways that are both obvious and not so obvious. Missing out on such a tried and tested method of advertising would be to the detriment of your company in the long-term, so why take that chance? If you want to be seen then take the first steps to choosing your promotional pens today here on our website

Logo Pens Website

With our easy to use website, you are able to search for your ideal promotional advertising pens in a way that suits you, from colour, to price, ensuring your ordering experience is a pleasant and easy process. Our friendly staff are on hand if you need any help or advice and we offer an express service on a large range of our logo pens if you need to order in a hurry!

Thank you for visiting our logo pens website and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Presentation Boxes

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