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Printing and Manufacturing Techniques

The manufacture and personalisation of promotional pens is a complex process and below is a quick overview of the techniques involved.


injection moulding

Injection Moulding

The quality defects normally associated with manual handling are avoided by the use of fully robotic moulding machines. They also provide the best manufacturing efficiency together with associated lower costs.


Writing Test

writingUsing accelerated techniques, refills are automatically checked and samples are taken from every batch manufactured. They are tested to exhaustion and the results are logged to ensure that a consistent standard of writing quality and longevity is maintained.


Pen Assembly


An inexpensive retractable plastic pen can have as many as fifteen components and to avoid high assembly costs, fully automatic assembly lines are used for most models. This assembly process also allows small quantities of special colour assemblies which are required for that bespoke corporate look.



Screen Process Printing

Almost all cylindrical pen barrels are printed using the traditional screen process printing process. They can be printed at rates of up to 3,500 units per hour and in most cases, multi-colour printing in close-registration is possible.


Pad Printing

The pad printing process allows printing on three dimensional objects and compound angles and therefore makes it extremely versatile. Common apllications for this process are printing on curved clips and images diametrically opposed to the clip. The process suits multi-colour printing in close registration.


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Laser EngravingLASER

Personalising metal pens is done most effectively by using the laser engraving tecnique. The image becomes a more permanent feature of the product and is difficult to remove. Laser engraving is also suited to producing multiple images or names or individual images.


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