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How Pantone Colours Behave

Providing Pantone references which are then printed onto a white substrate give the the most accurate colour matches.

If Pantone references can not be supplied, a colour swatch is acceptable but colour matches are less accurate in this case. It is not possible to produce accurate colour matches on any coloured surface.

The printed colour is always influenced by the surface colour. It is recommended that you order a printed proof if the colour match is critical. We will assume that our best attempt to match the colour reference requested is acceptable to you if a printed proof is not ordered. This is taking into consideration the constraints or limitations of the ink system in use and the nature and colour of the surface being printed.

Generally speaking, orders for vibrant colours to be printed onto dark surfaces will be the least accurate. An example of this would be to request white to be printed onto a black surface and the result wouldl appear light grey. All central Pantone colours and all basic Pantone colours will appear very dull when printed onto black or coloured surfaces.

Visual Guide.

The visual guide is purely to illustrate how the colours are affected when printed onto coloured substrates. The image below shows how a number of popular pantone colours might appear when printed onto coloured surfaces. The colours shown can not be taken as precise colour matches.