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If you want to increase your company’s visibility in the marketplace consider using pens as a marketing tool. A pen is the ideal marketing item for several reasons. First of all everyone needs a pen. They are just a handy item to have. Few people will turn down a pen particularly if it is free and works well. Promotional pens can give your company access to markets it might not otherwise be able to penetrate. Young or old, rich or poor, White, Black, Asian or Hispanic everyone needs a pen. Once you put your company’s name and contact information on them and pass them out, the pen becomes something of a stealth marketing item.

The thing that gives logo pens the ’stealth’ quality is that it is unobtrusive. It is not unusual for someone to have a pen in almost any setting. If the pen has your company’s information printed on it then it is working to raise your company’s profile through name recognition. This sort of passive advertising is not to be ignored. Making items with your company name and contact information ubiquitous in the marketplace is definitely helpful. It can help to create buzz for your company in circles traditional forms of marketing might never be able to penetrate, hence the ’stealth’ appellation.

If the pen writes well that makes it an even better marketing tool. Advertising pens are available in a number of styles and with different types of refils. A good writing pen is a cherished item. People are reluctant to part with it and often show it off. This allows an item emblazoned with your company’s information to be cherished and kept close at hand. When most people use a pen that writes well a popular reaction is to ask “Where did you get that pen?’ followed by a close examination of it. How valuable is it to have people from all walks of life closely examining your marketing tool and asking about its origin?

One of the things that make the personalised pen the perfect marketing item is the price. Promotional pens can be produced for pennies. This is important when you consider that in the marketplace a good pen is priceless. Personalised pens are a promotional ‘must have’. It is useful, lightweight, unobtrusive and ubiquitous. And they are inexpensive. No company that is serious about their marketing campaign can be without them!

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This range of logo pens is currently the one of the promotional merchandise industry’s biggest selling lines, and it’s not hard to see why.

The stylish and contemporary design of this pen makes for an eye catching product that really adds something to your promotional message.

Available in four different styles there is always going to be one of the Contour range of promotional pens that fits in to your companies branding style or promotional campaign.

The first style is the most popular – the standard Contour Ballpen. Available in a range of 10 different translucent colours, with matching rubberised grip and polished chrome trim. All of the Contour ranges feature the excellent writing and long lasting jumbo style refill, thus increasing the life of the product.

The Contour Argent is available with 7 different rubberised grip colours, a satin silver body and with chrome silver trim

The Contour Extra is a white bodied pen, with chrome trim and with 10 different coloured grips, this is the latest addition to the range, and has the added benefit that printing onto a white base gives the best colour match possible.

The final product in the Contour Range is the Contour Max, which is a twist action version of the Contour Argent Ballpen but with a highlighter on the top of the pen. This model on comes in a silver barrel option, but has 4 grip colours, which correspond to the colour of the highlighter refill.

All of the Contour Ballpens (excluding the Max) are available on a 3 working day express, which is charged as extra, however buying these advertising pens from logopens means that you can take advantage of our oversized print area, meaning you can get more information onto the pens than if you buy from elsewhere!

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What do you look for when thinking about buying advertising pens? Print area, colour range, quality product, nice writing and long lasting refil, nice design? Well, you need look no further than the Alaska Range of pens.

The Alaska Range consists of 3 styles of pen, all following a simple twist action mechanism to retract the ball point of the refil. The jumbo refil selected for this pen means more ink and a longer lasting pen with an incredibly smooth writing feel. Suitable for printing in multiple colours onto both the barell and the clip but at an affordable price, these logo pens have it all.

The mainstay of the this range is the Alaska Frost Ballpen, availble with a silver nose cone, and with 12 different vibrant frosted colours – two of which are a solid frost in the black and white, and the rest are a translucent frost to maximize your colour scheme options.

The next model is the Alaska Deluxe Ballpen, these promotional pens have a silver nose cone and silver clip section, with unique coloured barells for that “out of the box” colour scheme.

As the latest addition to the range, the Alaska Crystal Ballpen brings a slight twist to the tried and tested formula of the original two products. This model has a two piece construction, so the nose is from the same mould as the body. The entire pen comes in a translucent gloss finish instead of frosted making the colours even more vibrant and attractive, but without compromising the large print areas.

All of the pens in the Alaska family are available on our 24 hour express printing service, as always at no extra cost, with a maximum of 5000 units with a single colour print to the body of the pen, so what more do you need from the ideal logo pens for your brand!

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The Harrier Ballpen is one of the biggest selling pens in the promotional pens business, and has been for some time. Its simple 2 piece design makes printing the product on a full automatic screen printing machine a far easier task than other products with more complex multi-piece designs that can be harder to get good registration on.

The Harrier logo pens come in 2 main styles, the first being the Harrier Extra, this style comes with a white barrel and has 10 different frosted clip colours available to choose from. You can also choose the Harrier Extra style as a mechanical pencil with a choice of 6 different trim colours if you want a low cost propelling pencil or to make up an advertising pens gift set!

The second style in the range is the Harrier Frost Ballpen this product has a frosted translucent body and matching clip, available in 10 different colours to match your company’s branding.

The entire Harrier Range of plastic pens is the only pen of its kind available on a 24 hour express printing service that can be printed in 2 spot colours onto the body of the pen. This is not only an exclusive service, but again as with all of our 24 hour express logo pens it is available at no extra cost!

Add to those factors  the fact that on standard lead time you can have a clip print, and up to 4 spot colours printed onto one of the biggest print areas available today and you have a perfect match up for any low cost promotional campaign.

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One of the most common issues in the logo pens business has to be artwork. When looking to have some pens printed with your details on you should always take the time to think through your artwork requirements – how many colours will it be printed, do you have it in the correct format, can you get it re-drawn in time?

The Spectrum range of advertising pens can help eliminate these problems for you, as it is printed using a unique Full Colour printing service that enables you to use as much and as many colours as you like in your artwork – you can effectively even use a photographic image!

The artwork needs to be of a certain resolution to guarantee a good quality print; usually a jpeg at around 300DPI will suffice. The real added bonus to choosing to use the Spectrum range with a full colour print is that if you were to try printing in multi colours on any other normal promotional pens you could end up paying a set up charge for each colour. With Full Colour Printing you only ever pay one set up charge, regardless of how many colours your artwork uses.

The second benefit from choosing the Spectrum Ballpen is that it is availble on a 24 hour express turnaround at no extra cost – this is subject to receiving order and artwork by 3pm, then the job will be despatched within 24 hours.

The Spectrum Ballpen is available in a mix of 8 different grip colours with a white body and silver trim, with a maximum print area of 45×8mm. Contact your distributor today for a quote!

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The first range of pens that I have chosen to talk about is the Panther Range of logo pens.

All of the variations on this product are available on a same day printing service, this means that if you can send your supplier an order and approved artwork by 10am, the job will be printed and despatched that working day.

The Panther comes in many different models, with many different colour options, the first is the Panther Extra which has a white body – the best colour for accurate colour matches when printing, and a selection of 8 different trim colours to compliment your logo.

The next option is the Panther Frost promotional pens, this range includes  6 frosted translucent finishes, with silver nose cone, clip and push button trim. To get the best possible results,  we recommend printing in silver on these pens.

The most popular pens in the Panther range are the Panther Extra Ballpens; these pens are made from recycled post consumer waste plastic, so also have eco friendly credentials. These models are available as the Panther Eco Extra – white body with 4 different colour trims, and as the Panther Eco Colour, available in a selection of 6 matching solid colour body and trim options.

The entire range of Panther Ballpens share a generous print area on the barrel of 40×20mm – more than enough room for a set of contact details and your logo. They can also be printed on the clip (at extra cost) with an area of 20×4mm, providing extra space for your message.

So when you need advertising pens in a rush whilst still not having your choice of colours and print limited, think about the Panther range of pens!

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What do you think about when looking for pens printed with your company details on? There are many different names used to describe what is basically the same thing when it comes down to it.

Logo pens can be taken by definition as pens with your logo printed on. There are hundreds of different types of pens that you can choose from in the market, which I will use this blog to explain a bit more about in time.

You may hear some people talk about promotional pens, or printed pens, but in reality it boils down to the same thing – pens with your information printed on them. Logo pens are one of the most popular and most effective promotional products available today. No matter how far technology goes, everyone’s first reaction when taking a note or message down is to reach for the closest pen and scribble it down on paper.

Now think about where you got that pen from? I would hedge bets that the most likely answer is it was borrowed from someone else, or taken from a colleague’s desk, or a reception of some kind? If you put pens in to those situations with your company logo and contact information on, just imagine how many hands just one of those advertising pens will pass through during its lifetime…

Each one of those people who uses that pen is exposed to your message, your information – and most likely it has cost you very little to get it there. What other means of promoting your business can offer that kind of coverage for such a small outlay? Very few I should imagine.

So next time you are looking to launch a new project, or promote your company’s latest message, think of logo pens!

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More often than not, It is difficult to ascertain the exact success of your marketing campaign and how, or even if,  you have reached your target sector. In publishing, for instance, the estimation of circulation figures allows for a magazine to be read by more than just the actual person who purchased it.

If you apply this logic to say to advertising pens, it would be interesting to know how many people will actually use and see the message printed on your choice of promotional writing instrument. After all, pens are items that are picked up and put down just about anywhere. They are also borrowed and in a lot of cases, not returned.  If they are better quality logo pens, say for example, printed metal pens, they are far more likely to be picked up again and again. If it is a branded pen with an eye catching or popular logo on it, again it is more likely to pass from person to person. Ending up with an array of promotional pens that were not intended for our specific use in the first place is commonplace and the journey of promotional items seems to be far reaching.

I have two examples of promotional items that I acquired which fall into the above categories. The first one being a printed plastic pen which I have no idea how or where it came from, somehow it just landed on my desk. However, when I first saw it and read the message I thought it may be something our activities committee may be interested in so I passed it on to them. Our company decided to respond to the advertiser as we had been looking for a possible activity for the staff and it was for a new Go-Karting company which was fairly close to our offices but we had no idea of its’ existence. We had a great evening of fun and excitement and I know that the company details were passed on to many people through our staff who attended the evening.

The second one was a printed pencil sharpener, which I saw in an airport toilet of all places. I am not in the habit of picking up other peoples rubbish and neither did I need a printed pencil sharpener but I was interested in the marketing message. It was advertising a currency exchange company and as I am a frequent traveller, I thought I would give them a call. On contacting them I found their exchange rates far more competitive than the company I had previously always used so I switched and have been using them ever since (that was 3 years ago!) I also told other people about this company and they too are now using the company for their exchange deals.

I would imagine that the two advertising companies in these examples never thought that their promotional pens and pencil sharpeners would bear fruit just by simply falling into someone else’s hands or perhaps they did. Who knows, perhaps the branded pencil sharpener was deliberately planted in the airport toilets; if it was, it certainly worked!

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Curvy shaped promotional pens are renowned for their limited print areas but look no further…we have the solution. After months of extensive research and development, Logo Pens is proud to announce that with the installation of specialist machinery we are able to provide a massively improved print area on one of the UK’s leading advertising pens, the Contour Ballpen or Curvy Ballpen as it is sometimes referred to.

Revised dimensions of an amazing 57mm x 10mm give you plenty of scope to maximise your advertising slogan and with three stunning models in the range, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

These improved print areas make no difference to the cost of such a popular range of logo pens so the opportunities are endless and extremely affordable. Take a look at these examples of the stunning results you can achieve with this fabulous new service.

Be sure to explore all the possibilities with three stylish models including the Contour Ballpen, the Contour Extra Ballpen and let’s not forget the Contour Argent Ballpen with its lustrous satin silver finish. All three models offer this amazing print area and with such a broad colour range and choice of finishes, you’ll be hard pressed not to find the ideal promotional pen for your advertising needs.

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Our Envirostick Ballpen and Envirostick Extra Ballpen both offer a ground-breaking solution to that need for a 100% recycled promotional pen. The refill is made from post-consumer recycled Tetra-Pak cartons and is the first one ever to be produced. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are providing a complete enviromentally friendly package with this versatile and stylish stickpen. Take a look at the combined colour range that the two models offer not to mention the amazing price!

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