What Are Logo Pens?
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What do you think about when looking for pens printed with your company details on? There are many different names used to describe what is basically the same thing when it comes down to it.

Logo pens can be taken by definition as pens with your logo printed on. There are hundreds of different types of pens that you can choose from in the market, which I will use this blog to explain a bit more about in time.

You may hear some people talk about promotional pens, or printed pens, but in reality it boils down to the same thing – pens with your information printed on them. Logo pens are one of the most popular and most effective promotional products available today. No matter how far technology goes, everyone’s first reaction when taking a note or message down is to reach for the closest pen and scribble it down on paper.

Now think about where you got that pen from? I would hedge bets that the most likely answer is it was borrowed from someone else, or taken from a colleague’s desk, or a reception of some kind? If you put pens in to those situations with your company logo and contact information on, just imagine how many hands just one of those advertising pens will pass through during its lifetime…

Each one of those people who uses that pen is exposed to your message, your information – and most likely it has cost you very little to get it there. What other means of promoting your business can offer that kind of coverage for such a small outlay? Very few I should imagine.

So next time you are looking to launch a new project, or promote your company’s latest message, think of logo pens!

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