Recycling Methods Explained

This article aims to explore how the recycled and biodegradable products within our range are made and outlines some of the environmentally friendly materials used.


fsc-logoWood Products - FSC Certified Wood

In order to safeguard future generations it is important that the current generation is responsible and ethical in its approach to using the resources of the world’s forests. In an attempt to ensure this is the case the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) has been set up to regulate forest management and rectify some of the harmful practices previously employed.

The FSC is an important part of the fight to protect our forests today. It is a global, independent non-profit making body which sets the standard for companies who choose to take an ethical approach to manufacture and selling of goods made from forestry resources.

Should a company elect to conduct it’s business in accordance with the guidelines as set out by the FSC, it will be become FSC accredited. Such companies stimulate demand for FSC certified timber and non-timber products. Every company that becomes accredited helps to develop the FSC’s Chain of Custody (CoC), which guarantees those throughout the supply chain that the goods bought and sold come from sustainable sources and in compliance with best forestry practice.

fsc-sealFSC accredited products can be traced back to the original forest that the wood once came from. FSC forests are managed in accordance with strict criteria, which ensures that they meet the fundamental principles of the FSC. From a practical standpoint this scheme works on the basis that the FSC inspects forests on a regular basis so that on site audits can be preformed.

Companies who are FSC accredited help to ensure that social and environmental standards are being up-held. The FSC is globally recognised as the single main body responsible for setting the high standard of social and environmental requirements that accredited members in the forestry sector must follow. The scheme works by offering the forest managers a reward incentive to follow to the criteria as set by the FSC.

fsc-inspectionThe CoC (Chain of Custody) closely follows the life span of FSC accredited products from the forest to the final customer. The FSC accreditation mark is therefore an important sign for any socially aware customer who wishes to be re-assured that the product he or she has purchased originates from a sustainable source. Companies are also keen to deal the FSC accredited products to demonstrate to their customers they are socially minded as well.

The rapid growth of FSC accredited goods in the market place is a testament to those who buy such goods as it shows that many feel a need to help ensure the future of the world’s forests.

Products in our range made from FSC certified wood include:

FSC Carpenter Pencil

FSC Wooden Pencil

FSC Top Hat Ballpen

FSC Woodstick Ballpen

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MATER-BI ® (Biodegradable Maize)


MATER-BI ® is a biodegradable material made from corn starch. It is naturally comprised so leaves no metal or toxic residue. Once the item is disposed of, micro organisms transform MATER-BI ® into carbon dioxide, water and humus at a similar rate to that of paper.


We have an extensive range of promotional products made from Mater-Bi, some of which include:

Green Square Ballpen

Green Flower Ballpen

Green Pen Click Ballpen

Kiki Green Ballpen



Find out more about MATER-BI ®

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Recycled Tetra Pak Containers


The Tetra Pak Recycled range is made by separating the aluminium foil layer sandwiched between the polyethylene and paper contained in containers, which can then be re-used for paper manufacture.


The aluminium and plastic, which is recovered, is featured in the Tetra Pak Recycled range of products. Some of the promotional pens in our range include:


Re-Pen Push Ballpen

Re-Pen Stick Ballpen


Recycled Paper

Recycling PaperRecycled paper is made from recycled fibre. The most easily obtained source is waste paper from old newspapers and can then be used as packaging for consumer and industrial use.

Surprisingly 200 years ago, almost all paper was generated from recycled products such as cotton and linen. The use of trees as the basic raw material is a relatively modern approach, which dates back to the late 19th century.

Products made from recycled paper in our range include:

Recycled Paper Pen

Eco Retractable Ballpen

Eco Stickpen

Recycled Paper Pencil

Recycled Paper Foil Pencil




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Recycled PlasticRecycled Plastic

Previously landfill sites were the only way of disposing of unwanted plastic products. The recycling of plastic products has provided a far more environmentally alternative in recent times.


We have an extensive range of promotional products made from recycled plastic. Some of these include:

Panther Colour Eco Ballpen

Panther Extra Eco Ballpen

Recycled Mechanical Pencil

Recycled Pencil Sharpener


Recycled Vending Cups

Recycling Vending Cups

We in the UK, alone, produce around 2.8 million tonnes of plastic waste each year and this figure in increasing by, on average, 2% per year. One way of reducing our waste in this regard is through the use of recycled vending cups.


Included in our range of promotional products made from recycled vending cups is the Recycled Pencil Sharpener



Harvesting AlgaeRecycled Algae

Due to growing pollution, lakes and ponds are suffering as a result of excess algae growth, in order to return the lakes and ponds back to their former state, algae is harvested and recycled to make environmentally friendly paper which can be used in the manufacture of a range of products.

Included in our range is the Algae Stickpen and Algae Retractable Ballpen