Extensive Colour Ranges

All these models have extensive colour ranges and some have a choice of finishes:-

X-Nine Fantasia Grip Ballpen

The X-Nine Fantasia Grip Ballpen is a quality retractable ballpen with satin chrome clip and soft rubber grip. Barrels are available in three finishes which include solid white, translucent white and satin silver.


There is a choice of ten translucent colours and nine solid colours.



The solid and translucent models are supplied with blue ink refills and the satin silver is supplied with black.

Minimum Order Quantity is 1000pcs.



Rubber grips can be matched to a specific pantone reference. (Minimum Quantity 10,000pcs)




Futura Fantasia Ballpen

The Futura Fantasia Ballpen is available with a choice of twenty-two colours and two different finishes. Translucent barrels are available in nine colours and solid barrels in thirteen colours.

futurasolidSolid Coloursfutura-pouch





futuratranslTranslucent Colours





The pen has a silver core so the translcuent barrels take on an rich metallic finish. Each pen is supplied with a FREE pouch!

The Futura Fantasia Ballpen is also suitable for peripheral printing.

Minimum Order Quantity 1,000pcs.



The Futura Special Ballpen can be matched to a specific pantone reference.

(Minimum Quantity 20,000pcs)




LPC 064 Special Ballpen


The LPC064 Special Ballpen is an executive metal ballpen which has a soft rubber grip. There is an extensive range of coloured grips including ten translucent and nine solid colours.



Minimum Order Quantity 500pcs




Rubber grips can also be matched to a specific pantone reference.

(Minimum Order Quantity 10,000pcs)



Other Pen Ranges that can be matched to a specific pantone colour

X-Five Swing Special Colour Range

Allegra Swing Special Colour Range


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